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  • Alive Activated Water

    Alive Activated Water

    a true bathing experience
  • AVS Triple Vortex

    AVS Triple Vortex

    nature inspired solutions
  • Plant Agriculture

    Plant Agriculture

    Water Efficient Solutions: using less water for greater yields
  • Environment


    Healthy environments for Home, Commercial and Industrial
  • Health and Harmony

    Health and Harmony

    For the whole house from EcoAeon UK
  • Living Water

    Living Water

    is Living Life, All Life
  • EcoAeon UK

    EcoAeon UK

    Pristine Water for Youthing and Longevity
  • Super Energised Minerals

    Super Energised Minerals

    Vortex and Ceramic Solutions
  • Animal Agriculture

    Animal Agriculture

    Healthy Environment producing Healthy Animals

Commercial Products From EcoAeon

Ceramic Pool Large Ball Water Activator
AVS Triple Vortex Activator – Commercial
Ceramic Balls

Benefits of commercial water products and water treatment systems include: Filtering, softening, ionizing, alkalizing, and hydrating. EcoAeon’s commercial water products provide these functions in an ecofriendly and cost effective manner. Water that improves over time allows for better water absorption, healthier organisms, and ultimately better quality of water all around.

Better quality of water also reduces the corrosive effects on pipes. Our commercial water products ensure that no replacements are needed, combined with no high maintenance or recurring costs to save you money overall.

Water and Waste Treatment

Whether you want to supply your office, factory or any industrial building with commercial water products, you will find the right system here.


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