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The Power of Water Vortexing - Viktor Schauberger

The Power of Water

water vortex

There are several properties which water must have in order for it to be deemed beneficial to health. These are:

1. It must be free of pollutants . These pollutants include heavy metals, pesticide residues, solvents, hormone residues, drug residues, chlorine, fluoride and pathogens. The development of new chemical cocktails is further increasing the pollution load on our water supplies often with unknown consequences

2. The water should be of an alkaline pH so as to aid neutralisation of excess body tissue acidity from diets, stress and environmental pollution. Alkaline water contains higher levels of oxygen.

3. The water should be micro- clustered . Water in the environment does not exist as single molecules in isolation. It consists of groups of water molecules weakly bonded together. Typically most tap water exists as water with clusters of upwards of 12 molecules. This type of water is not particularly beneficial for hydration of the body cells and lacks vital energy. Good water should have 5 to 6 molecules in a cluster giving significantly increased electron activity energised water. Most public supply water is ‘dead’ and it lacks vital energy.

4. The water should have a negative oxidation/ reduction potential (ORP). Typical tap water has an ORP reading in the order of 250mV upwards. This water is an oxidant. Good healthy water should have a negative ORP typically in the order of -100 to -300mV. This water has beneficial anti-oxidant properties. It helps to neutralise harmful free radicals which cause tissue damage.

5. FIR – To incorporate the use of Far Infrared Rays. Far infrared energy is extensively used in the Far East because of its therapeutic properties. As the water passes through it ‘picks up’ this beneficial energy. Infrared mineral balls vibrate at a frequency similar to that of the human body. They are able to penetrate the body and activate cells which then reactivate as well as strengthen the micro-circulatory systems. They help to regulate blood flow and reactivate the vital energy in the body.

6. We also require negative ions to help improve the immune system and boost our energy levels

7. Finally, the water needs to be vortexed and activated which results in rejuvenated life-giving water.

Providing good health promoting water to populations can have a dramatic impact on their health, both for developed societies and for ‘third world countries’. The following are some of the possible benefits;

1. Better body hydration ensuring water drunk has maximum beneficial effect.

2. Improved immunity by the elimination of toxic metabolic wastes and negating the adverse impacts of stress and environmental pollution. Also by creating a favourable inner terrain there will be less adverse effects of pathogenic organisms.

3. Improvement in both lifespan and quality of life .

4. Improvement in brain function . This has a particularly beneficial impact on children and students, improving their focus and attention span. Proper brain functioning and better absorption of nutrients can help reduce anti-social behaviour .

5. Possible reduced requirement for pharmaceutical medications , which can be costly and may have side effects and be addictive.

6. Increased energy due to better body functioning. This has many positive benefits in terms of quality of life with knock on benefits for societies by way of enhanced productivity and creativity.

7. Significant reduction in degenerative diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and skeletal problems. These degenerative diseases can have a serious financial impact on health care costs in societies in the developed world. Increased intake of healthy water may also help in the reduction of the myriad of diseases which pass under the ‘Aids’ banner.

EcoAeon has a number of state of the art technologies which offer many benefits either as standalone systems, combined together or with other available technology. As well as benefiting countries classed as ‘third world’ these technologies have much to offer developed societies where degenerative diseases and high levels of fatigue are prevalent. There is a great need for education to support the objective of providing clean water.

Viktor Schauberger

Victor Schauberger(30 June 1885 Holzschlag (Austria) – 25 September 1958 Linz, (Austria)) was a forester, naturalist and inventor.
Founder of implosion technology. Schauberger studied the phenomena of the fluidic vortices. He insisted that nature uses the Falling Thermal Gradient for building, and the Rising Thermal Gradient for deconstructing. He noted that our modern technology only uses the Rising Thermal Gradient for movement, and therefore meets immense resistance, friction. He proved with his suction-turbines and other inventions, that by utilizing the Falling Thermal Gradient, it is possible to create 9x more energy than with a rising thermal gradient, and that the falling thermal gradient is the form of motion to be used to enable suction, instead of facing friction.

“Implosion is no invention in the conventional sense, but rather the renaissance of ancient knowledge, lost over the course of time.” — Viktor Schauberger, Implosion Magazine, No.36, p.3

Schauberger sought to develop energy-generating machines which, by the power of shape, form, and motion alone, were able to mimic nature’s processes . Whereas today’s main energy technologies use outward-moving explosion , such as fuel-burning and atom-splitting, his machines operated on the basis of inward-spiralling movements , or implosion

Schauberger pointed out that 20th century technology moves everything the wrong way – exploding, heating, pressuring. His own inventions used nature’s quiet cooling, inward-spiralling suction motions instead, and the result rejuvenated instead of destroying.
“The true foundation of all culture is the knowledge and understanding of water.” — Viktor Schauberger


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