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Influences of Ceramic Mineral Ore on the Structure and Health of Water

The electrical charge or frequency resonated from the Saiseiko ceramic mineral ores alter the properties of water. As water travels over the surface of the ores the hydrogen electrons in the hydrogen atom create a negative electrical charge that attracts and organizes the water molecules producing a crystalline structure. Some believe this crystalline structure to be hexagonally shaped, resembling the structure of water found in healthy living organisms rather than the water that is found in most ordinary mineral or tap water. When we drink ordinary water, we have to convert it into cellular water before the cells can utilize it. If we cannot convert water into the structure of cellular water it will pass through our bodies leaving our cells in a dehydrated state. The result of water coming in contact with the mineral ores can enhance the amount of negatively charged hydrogen ions in the water, which of course is good.

With hydrogen making up 90 percent of all the known elements in the universe you would think that the scientific community would pretty much know all there is to know about hydrogen. Hydrogen makes up 90 percent of the known matter in the universe and helium 9 percent. All the other elements in the universe are found in the remaining 1 percent. What most of us know is that the body needs oxygen in order to live but don't realize that hydrogen is needed as much as oxygen. Oxygen is what burns hydrogen in the living system releasing the energy that runs our bodies. The fact is we are just beginning to understand how important hydrogen is to life.

The lack of having sufficient amounts of hydrogen in our bodies is thought to be one of the major causes of premature aging. As we grow older our hydrogen reserve becomes depleted resulting in our cells become more dehydrated and due to this lack of adequate hydrogen our cells are more susceptible to free radical damage. Virtually all longevity researchers will agree that free radicals are responsible for advancing or speeding up the aging process.

Life as we know it is brought about because of water, which consists of 1 atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. During the process of metabolizing hydrogen in our cells we create pure water releasing energy that is utilized to fuel our bodies. It is hydrogen that protects our cells from oxidative free-radical damage and provides energy to the cells when it is burned by oxygen. The single factor that is common to all antioxidants is they are sources of hydrogen or negative hydrogen ions. Hydrogen is the ultimate antioxidant and the source of protons for ATP production. ATP or andenosine triphosphate is the biochemical energy battery that supplies the human body with almost all of its energy needs. The very word hydrogen in Greek translates to “water former”.

Those of us that have taken biology might be familiar with the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle is the process by which plants use sunlight and water to create carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids (fats) which serve as part of the food chain. Plants utilize infrared light from the sun breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen. Animals and humans exhale carbon dioxide which is then taken up by plants. Plants exhale oxygen into the atmosphere and add hydrogen to carbon atoms in order to make the carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. The plants then use the carbon to create more carbohydrates which contain an equal amount of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. What this means is the foods that nourish us are primary sources of hydrogen and the life cycle is really a hydrogen cycle. The carbon cycle could actually be called the hydrogen cycle.

In biological systems, hydrogen and electrons travel together in pairs. When this combination meets up with a cell-damaging free radical, the hydrogen may react with the free radical and neutralize it so that no further cell damage may occur. Such free radicals with unpaired electrons are unstable and have a high oxidation potential, which

means they are capable of stealing electrons from other cells. Problems arise when too many of these free radicals are turned loose in the body where they can also damagenormal tissue. Attaching hydrogen or an electron to a molecule essentially means lending energy to it. Consumption of the hydrogen activated water with negatively charged hydrogen ions brought about from the resonant action of the ceramic ores could possibly be the ultimate antioxidant. These hydrogen ions acting as free-radical scavengers are also instrumental for the production of ATP.

For nutrients to be absorbed by the body they must first be permeated or saturated with water. Nutrients that are not permeated will pass through the body without being absorbed. Every food substance has what is called surface tension. If water is above that surface tension, it will not wet the food or the nutrient. Food Science has established that surface tension is the primary force responsible for the wetting and utilization of nutrients by living organisms. A clustering effect or reduction of space between the water molecules induced by the ceramic ore's resonant activation not only enhance the ability of organisms to absorb water but also effectively improves the utilization of nutrients.

We know that water and oil do not mix. All nutrient cells are surrounded by a lipid-based cellular wall. Since water cannot wet lipids, many of these nutrient particles cannot be digested and absorbed into the body. The nutrients must be completely permeated by water before they can enter into the fluid matrix that surrounds the cells and if not permeated they will pass through the digestive canal and not be absorbed and utilized by the body.

The use of Saiseiko's ceramic mineral ore technology enhances permeation thus improving nutrient absorption essentially creating the ultimate water with which living organisms can thrive.

“Hydrogen is the fuel of life”

– Alber Szent-Gyorgyi, Discoverer of Vitamin C and Nobel Laureate

Water Memory and It's Influence on the Structure and Health of Water

Water plays the greatest role in maintaining the quality of life. The critical factors relating to the quality of the water is related to the health of all living organisms. After all, water is the elixir of life. One very important factor to think about is the health or resonance of the water itself. What we know about the universe and life in general, is that everything is controlled through electro-magnetic frequencies and that all organisms function through the process of electro-chemical transmissions and responses. The more harmonious and resonant the frequencies the better the health and well being of the organism.

In order for water to be it's most healthful it needs to have harmony. It has been shown by various researchers that water that has harmony produces beautiful crystalline hexagonal structures and water that is unhealthy, on the other hand, generally has no structure, broken structure, or pentagonal structure. Through some of Dr. Emoto's work, “Hidden Messages From Water” it has been shown that water taken from pristine sources and frozen to –30° C and thawed back out to –5° C then viewed through a microscope can form into beautiful hexagonal structures, similar to what a snowflake looks like. Not only that but by just speaking, thinking, or writing kind and loving words focused towards the water will produce the same effect. The water seems to understand the resonant frequencies of love and kindness as well as those of hatred and ill will and reacts accordingly. It very well may be that water not only has memory and intelligence, but quite possibly consciousness as well.

The point being, water that has been or is polluted with man made contaminants will not develop hexagonal structures as shown by Emoto's work. Water that has been exposed to these pollutants even though filtered has shown to still possess the same resonant frequencies or signatures of the original chemicals. This is basically due to the memory of the water or the water molecules retaining the signature frequencies from the toxins the water has been exposed to. In order

for living organisms to flourish they need to be able to consume water with life giving energy. Take for example, city water that flows through miles of pipe before it reaches it's final destination is mostly lifeless or inert and not very life sustaining. In nature, though, as ice or snow melt and the water flows and tumbles across the river bed, the water becomes highly activated and energetic. The vortex motion of the flowing water absorbs resonant frequencies from the bedrock creating an activation of the electrical charge of the hydrogen atoms in the water molecules. These resonating frequencies transmitted from the bedrock at particular wavelengths, cause changes to occur to the chemical structure or bonds of the water molecules. Hence, a life sustaining water with essence and vitality.

Through years of research it been our goal to develop specific water activation systems that not only address the revitalization of water but also the ability to erase any residual negative frequencies or signatures. By restructuring water through energetic activation (Eco-Activated) we are able to bring life and harmony back to the water the way nature intended it. This process of revitalizing inanimate water back to an energetic and essential state is fundamental for maintaining a healthier internal and external environment.Water is our most important nutrient and the quality of the water we drink should be our highest priority.


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